The iRake™ App is a first-of-its-kind professional swing analysis tool for athletes to fine tune their swing.  iRake™  App will synchronize with both iPhone and Android smart phones.  iRake™  App  is designed for use in conjunction with its own social network website geared toward the baseball community world-wide.  Whether you’re a professional or in a minor/independent league, a collegiate/high school player, a little league player, a coach or a scout, the iRake™  App was specifically designed for you.  Registered users will be able to record their swing with their iPhone/Android Phone, analyze their swing, and share their swing videos with all their friends.
iRake™ Features:

  • Record your swing and then have the ability to play, pause, fast forward and rewind it.
  • View your swing in slow motion and add lines to analyze you every movement.
  • Freeze frame your swing to examine you exact movements and see what you are doing well and what could be improved.
  • Create a library of your favorite players’ swings and then compare your swing side-by-side with professional players, older captured swings, or a friend’s swing.
  • Create a online profile for your account and store your swing videos to your online training wall account so you can access your information wherever you go.



iRake Web App

Web Application

Users have the ability to upload their videos to the iRake Training Wall website where:

  • users can receive feedback from other iRake users on their swing.
  • users can get their swing analyzed by a professional.
  • share their video on Facebook, YouTube, or through email.

iPhone Application



Since the app is centered around baseball, we wanted to logo to reflect the feel of this sport. We incorporated a baseball and bats and wanted the font to be playful and sporty but still professional. After we finished vector logo, we completed a 3D logo which can be seen in the video above.


Video Credits

Chapman Bullock – Intro 3d Motion Graphics
O’Keeley Media – Audio/Motion Graphics
Appleyard Agency – High Speed Video